The overall goal of Project FIND-OUT is to facilitate early and accurate genetic diagnosis of rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders in infants between the ages of 3-12 months.

Genetic Counseling And Testing

What Is The Difference Between Genetic Counseling And Testing?

You typically meet with a genetic counselor in your genetic counseling appointment to discuss your medical history and they can help determine if a genetic test is right for you. A genetic test is a medical test requiring a saliva (spit) or cheek swab sample. You can meet with your genetic counselor after a genetic test to review the results.

Project FIND-OUT and COMBINEDBrain

  • Project FIND-OUT is being conducted by the Consortium for Outcome Measures and Biomarkers for Neurodevelopmental Disorders (COMBINEDBrain)
  • COMBINEDBrain is a non-profit organization devoted to finding treatments for people with rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. To learn more about our mission and programs, please visit